Legislative Packet for HFF


Guidelines for Speaking at Your Legislator’s Office


The legislative session in Tallahassee meets for a short 60-day session. Your legislator’s focus is what is in their “bill book” that needs to be voted on. Meeting your legislator in their office may be difficult during this time. They most likely will be in session or meeting with people about current bills. Our main goal is to introduce and inform them about Health Freedom Florida and its mission. Review all information in the legislative packet. Be prepared with what you want to say. Since legislators are very busy, your conversation needs to be clear and concise, and less than 15 minutes. Below are guidelines to help you:


  1. Find out the name of your state representative, state senator, and their office location(s).
  2. When you arrive at their office, ask to speak with the legislator, their aide responsible for healthcare issues, or with the front desk receptionist.
  3. Introduce yourself by name and let them know that you are a constituent in their district.
  4. Tell them you are here as a member of Health Freedom Florida, a non-profit with a mission to create and protect access to and preserve our rights to all healthcare choices in Florida.
  5. Talk about what’s in the packet and be sure to point out your handwritten letter about your personal vaccine story.
  6. If you’re meeting with an aide or the receptionist, ask them what would be the best time to schedule a meeting with your legislator after this legislative session.
  7. Thank them for their time and invite them to visit our website, www.healthfreedomflorida.org.


The above guidelines are approved by HFF and should be followed. Additional materials and/or issues should not be included or discussed in conjunction with this information.




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