Lifestyle and its impact on your health.

You health is determined by the way you live. Lifestyle is made up of two words – life and style and it simply means how you live your life as a whole. This primarily includes everything that is done from morning after you wake up till the time you to bed for sleep.

Waking up –

A healthy way to wake up is by doing it early, preferably before sunrise. If you wake up early, then you do not only feel fresh but you also provide yourself an opportunity to do some extra work in a couple of hours that you have earned by waking up early in the morning,

Breakfast –

Lots of people suggest that you have a heavy breakfast. This is because of the fact that body’s digestion works best in the morning and slows down as the day progresses. Adding juice or milk in your breakfast would be great.

Work hours –

Try to enjoy your work and complete all your work in time. This will not only make you feel happy and satisfied with yourself but will also avoid any stress that has been accumulated due to your laziness.

Exercise –

Try to exercise as much as you can and whenever an opportunity comes your way. If your work place allows you to relax with some kind of sports break then do take full advantage of this opportunity. Try to got for a short walk after your lunch. This will do god to your digestion.

Dinner –

Better not to eat too heavy food at night. Try to go for a walk after dinner as well.

Sleep –

Try to sleep early and sleep well It is recommended that everyone have at least 8 hours of deep rest every day. If you sleep well then you have up fresh and will be able to enjoy the new day with recharged energy. This is a simple way to life. If you can follow these instructions, then it will definitely have positive impact on your health. If on the other hand you ignore these instructions and have no control over your diet and exercise and if you do not rest properly then it will affect your health and you might not be able to live healthy for long. So, it’s better to have some kind of routine in life and if that routine can be a well defined and disciplined one, then that did be beneficial for you and your health.