How to be healthy?


Diet chart for Diabetic Patient

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How to be healthy?

You can remain healthy through your life if you follow some simple guidelines. These guidelines are quite straightforward and it would just require a will from your side to execute them and then to discipline yourself with them. Here are the rules for healthy living:

1. Eat nutritious food and have a balanced diet.

2. Avoid smoking, drinking and any other addictions.

3. Eat is small quantities and eat at regular intervals of time. Do not let yourself hungry for hours.

4. For a better digestion, walk at least 500 meters after your lunch and dinner. It can be done within your home as well.

5. Do not eat lot of junk food. Avoid it fully if you can, but in no case, overdo it’s consumption. It can add your weight very quickly.

6. Live an active life. Try to play a sport or if you have a family, you can play with your kids as well. If you like to build muscles then you can also join a gym.

7. Rest is very important for body. If you do not sleep properly, then you would not be able to concentrate in anything with sleepy eyes. You will also feel dull and shaky all day. Therefore, make sure that you sleep well every day.

8. Be happy and think positively.  Avoid stress at all cost. Try to be with your family and enjoy small things around you. If you have any problem, discuss it with your near and dear ones but do not let it to make your life miserable. Take things easy and hope of the best!

As you can see, these are simple tips and they do not require much effort to be done. You just need to commit to them and make them a part of your life. In this way, you can live a healthy life!


Importance of health insurance

A medical insurance policy is a much required aspect for any person in managing the health risks in lives. Diseases and health disorders have become very common these days irrespective of the age. A lot of people take treatments in private hospitals. It is certainly expensive as the cost of hospitalization, surgeries and patients care along with treatment have gone high in the recent years. Medicals costs also range from simple checkup expenses to large surgery expenses.

The medical expenses can completely exhaust a person’s monthly income or savings. And, for retired people this is much difficult to handle with. It sounds comfortable to take up health treatment in a comfortable way without any troubles when you have a health insurance plan. It largely helps people fight against their budget or economic conditions and maintain a proper lifestyle. Many people have the health record of their family and take up plans accordingly. As many diseases and disorders are genetic, it has become a necessity for many people to buy insurance plan to keep them away from risks.

Buying Health Insurance

Health issues that are to be treated on an urgent basis can be too expensive. When things happen unexpectedly, you cannot afford it at all times. Proper planning is important when you buy insurance plans. You need to plan your budget by cutting down unnecessary expenses and choose the right plan by getting ideas from different people. It is not at all luxury at any cost. It is a requirement that offer best security to people. When you pay for the plan in small amounts, you do not find any difficulty.

Age doesn’t decide any diseases and health disorder currently. So, you can take up any insurance plan at any age. If you choose to pay premiums as per your convenience, you can take up plans accordingly that offer better flexibility. It is a precautionary measure which gives best solutions to people at times of need in the future.


Diet chart for Diabetic Patient

Diabetes is one of the genetic and environmental influenced chronic diseases. It is a kind of metabolic disorder. There are three different types of diabetes is observed Type I and Type II and gestational diabetes. In type I diabetes mellitus the patient may not be able to produce the hormone called insulin. Insulin will help to metabolize glucose and lower the glucose level in the blood. This type of diabetes will occur commonly in young people or less than 4o years of age.

Diabetes Type II is the resistance to insulin or incapable of responding to insulin and reduce the blood glucose level. So the higher blood glucose level in the blood cause many problems including frequent urination, thirsty, blurred vision,  weight loss etc. Gestational diabetes is found in pregnant women. It is temporary.

If you have recently discovered, that you suffer from Diabetes, then first of all there is no need to panic. There are millions of people around the globe, who suffer from this disease and a lot of the have been able to live a good life even while being Diabetic. This does not mean that it is an easy going for you and that you should ignore your health. Once you know that you have Diabetes, its time for you to become concerned about your body and try to control the situation as soon as you can. Once you learn how to deal with this disease, you can surely live a normal life.

Diabetes could not be cured. This can be controlled. With the help of medications, exercise and proper diet diabetes will be under control. The diet chart from the physician will give more number of options for the traditional food rather than the westernized food. Since the change in the life style and food habits is the primary cause for the diabetics.

Diet Plan

  1. The special diet plan is designed for diabetic patient
  2. It consist of highly nutritious but low calorie food
  3. The food should release glucose into blood very slowly
  4. It should have high fiber content
  5. The food should have more amount of green vegetables and high proteins
  6. The food should be taken in small quantities
  7. High carb food such as the potato, sugar and tubers should be avoided
  8. High protein food such as pulses, peas, fruits should be increased in the food
  9. The fiber content should be more than the amount of the carbohydrate consumed
  10. The fiber content will provide a feeling of fullness to the stomach as well as reduce the pain of digestion
  11. Increase the amount of water consumption
  12. It is good to exercise to lower the blood glucose level
  13. Avoiding the fatty food such as lamb etc will reduce the risk of heart disease to the diabetic patient
  14. Increase the level of vitamins and minerals will compensate the loss of minerals in urine in the diabetic patients
  15. Sometimes the food which is difficult to digest is also recommended
  16. The low calorie food without the addition of oil will reduce the risk of heart diseases by reduces the accumulation of cholesterol.

Lifestyle and its impact on your health.

You health is determined by the way you live. Lifestyle is made up of two words – life and style and it simply means how you live your life as a whole. This primarily includes everything that is done from morning after you wake up till the time you to bed for sleep.

Waking up –

A healthy way to wake up is by doing it early, preferably before sunrise. If you wake up early, then you do not only feel fresh but you also provide yourself an opportunity to do some extra work in a couple of hours that you have earned by waking up early in the morning,

Breakfast –

Lots of people suggest that you have a heavy breakfast. This is because of the fact that body’s digestion works best in the morning and slows down as the day progresses. Adding juice or milk in your breakfast would be great.

Work hours –

Try to enjoy your work and complete all your work in time. This will not only make you feel happy and satisfied with yourself but will also avoid any stress that has been accumulated due to your laziness.

Exercise –

Try to exercise as much as you can and whenever an opportunity comes your way. If your work place allows you to relax with some kind of sports break then do take full advantage of this opportunity. Try to got for a short walk after your lunch. This will do god to your digestion.

Dinner –

Better not to eat too heavy food at night. Try to go for a walk after dinner as well.

Sleep –

Try to sleep early and sleep well It is recommended that everyone have at least 8 hours of deep rest every day. If you sleep well then you have up fresh and will be able to enjoy the new day with recharged energy. This is a simple way to life. If you can follow these instructions, then it will definitely have positive impact on your health. If on the other hand you ignore these instructions and have no control over your diet and exercise and if you do not rest properly then it will affect your health and you might not be able to live healthy for long. So, it’s better to have some kind of routine in life and if that routine can be a well defined and disciplined one, then that did be beneficial for you and your health.